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Romans: Age of Caesar is a game currently in its Alpha stage of development. What this means is we are actively developing new game features while also modifying, tweaking and completely changing currently implemented systems based on the experiences and feedback of our Alpha Testers.

We completed our first wave of Alpha testing in mid-June of 2019, which gave us a fantastic understanding of how players interacted with Romans and helped us focus production moving into our 2nd stage of testing. For players that participated in this initial testing phase, it will come as no surprise that Alpha 2 will also be entirely wiped when the testing phase is finished. Hopefully this page will answer any questions or concerns you may have about that.


Why Are You Wiping Things?

We want to launch Romans with a clean slate and allow all our players a fair starting experience. During testing, it’s expected for players to discover unintentional things, such as exploits or bugs that give them an edge in gameplay or even break certain systems. This is great, as it enables us to rebalance these things before general launch, however it also means we need to wipe player progress from the Alpha’s to ensure everyone is progressing through the same game at launch without any unintended advantages or disadvantages.

It also gives us as developers a clean slate to ensure anything that became corrupted during the alpha doesn’t sneak into the launch version. To elaborate, during our Alpha 1 test phase we came across a nasty issue that was causing players to lose access to their legions - this required a database wipe to be permanently fixed.

So, When Will Alpha Stage 2 End?

Alpha 1 ran from February 2019 to June 2019, however we anticipate Alpha 2 to run considerably longer than that, as there’s a huge amount more features for players to explore and test. What this means is do not be afraid to push the systems and experiment. Spend your Trajans, use up your cards and get to know what Romans has to offer - this knowledge will be your weapon at general launch, giving you the insight to get ahead of your foes or to welcome and teach newcomers to the Empire.


But What About My Stuff?

We’re wiping most things from the databases at the close of Alpha 2 - but not everything. Although your held Cards, Card Points, Trajans, Commodities, Account Rank and City Progression will not endure across to the launch version, your account login details (Username & password) and any Forum Toppers earnt during our Alpha stages will carry over to the final game.

This ensures that your name and Forum will keep their notoriety. Players will be able to come to recognise you as the scourge of the northern barbarians or the merchant lord of the east. Your topper will be an immediate indicator to your veteran status and tell others you were here when the Empire began.

Alpha 1 participants were all awarded a Stone Alpha topper, while the winning city of our closing Glory Race of Alpha 1 were awarded the Bronze Alpha topper. Similar rewards will be up for grabs for all Alpha 2 participants, so keep an eye on our Official Forums and Official Discord to keep up to date with our progress on this game you’re helping us make!


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