Barbarian Towns

Eventually you will need wool to make Tunics to upgrade your houses. Some resources like wool must be obtained from Barbarian controlled areas on the map called Barbarian Towns.

In order to capture a barbarian town, go to the empire map and click on one of these symbols on the map.


This window will popup which has information about the town.


1.This shows the imperial points which your city has donated towards either defending the town(if your city owns it) or towards an attack on the town to claim it.

2.Here you can set the amount of your own imperial points you want to add to that total on behalf of your city.

3.This button will confirm and send the points

Once your city has donated 10 or more imperial points, the “Attempt Capture” button will show and you can press it to see if your city’s imperial point donation is higher than the current owning city’s total(if there is an owner).

If you’re successful, your city will have captured the town and half the amount of IP above the previous capture total.

If you fail, you get a percentage back based on how far you were from the target.

Attacking Barbarian Town

Once you cleared out all the Barbarian huts inside your town, your legions will be able to leave the city in order to conquer the Barbarian Towns.

You can enter the Barbarian Town as a Friend or as an Enemy.

If you move as a friend, you will protect that city. If you move as an enemy, every defending legion will be an enemy and will block your entrance to the city. .