Barbarians Hut

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What are Barbarian Hut?


You will notice that your part of the shard or capital will have smaller huts in it, these are barbarian huts. Barbarian huts can vary in size and this indicates the difficulty attributed to them.

Placing buildings near a barbarian hut will activate the barbarians! Once a hut is activated a smoke plume will appear above it.

Note: Barbarians will not be activated if you are still located within the tutorial island.

The level at which a hut is can be seen by its size and appearance as well as by clicking on it.

The further away the hut is from your forum, the higher the level and the difficulty of the hut.

“Note” To avoid repeated attacks from barbarian huts it is best to clear the huts closest to your starting point.

Defending Against Attacks

When you start playing You will need to build a barracks and recruit troops to attack and destroy barbarian huts.

In order to attack Barbarian Huts you will need to move your Legionary towards them.

If you are too close to enemies they will block your movement. Your only options will be to fight or to return home.

You can always use the Return Home option on your Legion to return it to the barracks.

“Note” Destroying the hut an army spawned from will not eliminate the barbarians it spawned. Some Barbarian attacks are randomly generated and not connected to any huts, these need to be attacked directly.