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Welcome to the Romans: Age of Caesar Beginners' Guide. If you are completely new to the game and need some help, this is the best place to learn all the basic features.

Key Information

Commandpt.png Command Points - Harvesting goods, collecting goods from other players, clearing scrub and moving buildings and armies all cost Command Points.

Icon Denarii.PNG Denarii - Denarii is the main currency in Romans. Use Denarii to upgrade certain buildings, recruit troops for you legion and to buy good from the wharf.

Icon prestige.PNG Prestige - Prestige is used to increase your rank. You can earn prestige from your houses and by winning battles against the barbarians.

Tactical point.png Tactical Points - Tactical build up over time and can be used during battles to activate tactical powers.

RP Button.png Urban Points - |Urban Points are gained from upgrading resource buildings. Collecting urban points allows the player to move to different area of the Empire map.

I've completed the tutorial, what should I be doing now?

The city you start in is your starter city, full of new players learning how to play the game. The starter city is not part of the empire and so has a number of limitations. The only resources available are wood and stone which is fine at the moment but you will soon need clay and iron. You will also not have access to more exotic goods such as wool and furs which are only available on the empire map. Therefore, your first goal is to gain 300 Urban Points to be able to establish a new city on the empire map.

How do I gain Urban Points?

You receive Urban Points whenever you build a new production building, upgrade existing production buildings and by ranking up.

Do I lose everything when I move cities?

No. All your existing buildings are transferred to your 'Vault'. When you found your new city you will be able to place all your existing buildings at no extra cost.

What should I do first?

Concentrate on your houses. Building and upgrading your houses will generate Denarii which you will need to recruit troops for your legions and needed in order to attack barbarians. Denarii is also required for some upgrades.

Upgrading your wells and fishmongers will increase the production rate and capacity of those buildings. Use research to increase your forum capacity and unlock more production buildings.

What should I research?

At first your house will only need water and fish so you will need to research goods capacities in order to be able to store enough goods to upgrade. As your house expands it will require more resource, goods and services which will need to be researched.

Research is also needed to build more production buildings and houses.

When attacking barbarians, army research will allow you to increase the strength of your captain and rabble.

Do I need to rank up?

Increasing your rank is important as it gives you access to more advanced research. Every time you rank up you will also received some research points and often some extra denarii. Ranking up however does increase the cost of launching the attack at the start of a battle.

How do I place a Timber Yard?

Timber Yards can only be placed on forest areas (not scrub). Be careful when placing your Timber Yard, if it in the vicinity of a Barbarian Hall, the barbarians will be alerted and send out an army. It is advisable to destroy any nearby Barbarian Halls before placing your Timber Yard. Remember you can collect wood from other players or by clearing areas of scrub.

Why do I need stone?

Stone is a resource that is used to upgrade buildings and is also required in order to build roads to give access to your buildings. Stone Quarries must be built on stone deposits. Stone deposits are found in barbarian territory so be careful when placing Stone Quarries. At the start of the game it is advisable to simply collect stone from other players.

Should I upgrade my forum?

Production buildings require work permits in order to function. The number of work permits you have is determined by your forum level. If you require more work permits you will need to upgrade your forum. Upgrading the forum also increases the amount of denarii that can be collected.

How can I stop barbarians attacking me?

Barbarians are a threat that need to be dealt with in order to avoid damage to your buildings. Barbarian armies are sent out from 'active' Barbarian Halls (active halls have a plume of smoke coming from their chimney) so it is a good idea to destroy active halls as soon as possible. If a barbarian army does destroy a building then it will be transferred to the vault, allowing you to place it again at no extra cost.

At Rank 5 you can also start researching legion upgrades to make your captain and troops more effective in battles.

How can I get more cards?

At the start of the game you can collect 2 free cards. Once you collect a free card a timer will start to show you how long until the next free card is available. Unwanted cards can be swapped for card points which can then be used to buy cards you want.

Need more help?

If you get stuck there is loads more detailed information in the wiki or you could ask other players in-game, on the Romans forum or in the Discord channel (invite only).