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Combat is an essential part of Romans: Age of Caesar, and is the only way to defeat enemies and remove AI threats.

Cohorts are required to attack an AI enemy, and are created in the Legion Fort of your Estate. Each cohort requires denarii to be recruited and maintained .

To attack a target in the City :

1. In the City, select one of the huts by moving your legion towards the huts .

2. Targets you can attack will be highlighted and have an Icon-sword.png with crossed swords above them

3. When you are in the attack screen you will be see the Option of either Attacking.png attacking ,which will cost denarii or Return.pngreturning to your city. The cost to attack the Enemy will depend on your rank as well as the level of the hut or barb you are attacking.

4. You can now choose to either start attacking with tactically abilities and cohorts. Battles will be easier or more difficult to win depending on your based on your research for you troops and tactical abilities.

At the end of your battle you will see the rewards from the battle as well as any troops you may have lost.

Battle End