Command Points

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Command Points allow you to perform actions inside your village and are displayed on the top left corner of the city screen.

- Allow players to harvest resources and goods from your buildings and your neighbours' buildings.

Note: Harvesting your own good costs 1 Command Point and harvesting other players' goods costs 10. This can be reduced later with research.

- Allow players to move buildings. The further you move the building away from its starting point, the more Command Points it will cost.

- Allow players to move legions. The further you move the legion away from its starting point, the more Command Points it will cost.

Note: The 'Return Home' option for the player's legion doesn't cost any Command Point.

- Remove Scrubs from your village

The overall Command Points per hour and the maximum capacity for a village is displayed when you click on the command points icon. Command Points build up slowly over time and players will also receive 25 Command Points (up to players cap of 100) each time they rank up. Players can play Strategy Cards to boost capacity or reduce Command Points' cost.

Note: Command points are not exclusive to Movement but are also required to perform Actions such as gather resources and attack.