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I have run out resources, what can I do ?

If you can no longer collect resources from your own buildings, you can either collect resources from another player or buy them from the Wharf.

Which buildings require roads?

Not all buildings need access to a road. Buildings that provide services do not require access to a road.

How can I place more than one tile of Road?

It is currently not possible to place more than a single tile of road at a time.

Why can’t I place a Timber Yard, Stone Quarry or a Clay Pit?

These building need to be placed on specific resource tiles initially, but can be moved afterwards and will need to be connected to a road.

Some of the resources I have collected are missing!

The production buildings in your estate maybe using a small amount of the resources from the forum to produce goods.

Does it cost the same amount of CP to harvest goods regardless of the number I’m harvesting?

Yes, harvesting your own goods will cost you 1CP regardless of the number you harvest (ex 5, 10 or 15 waters collected cost each time 1CP). Same from other players’ good, it will cost you 10CP each time. Collecting resources from scrubs will always cost you 3CP.

How do I know that a good is maxed out and ready to be collect?

The outline icon on the top of a building turns green when the good is maxed out. If the building is still in production, the outline circle is orange.

What is the Hammer icon on buildings?

This means you do not have workers and need to upgrade the forum to get more workers for building by in creasing the amount of work permits you have.

Can I attack another players Barbarian Huts?

You usually cannot another other players Barbarian Huts. Unless the player in their zone has triggered the Barbarian Huts.

If I move a house and it loses services (healing, tavern, etc), does it lose bonifications in Denari / Prestige?

Yes. When you move a house outside the range of the service it will lose bonifications.

Why can I not move my legion?

If a legion is within range of a Barbarian Hall or a barbarian army it cannot be moved until that hall or army is destroyed. The only way to move your legion in this scenario is to use the 'Return Home' button to return the legion back to the Legion Fort. Once back at the fort your legion can be moved again.

Also if all your troops have been killed you will not be able to move your legion until you have re-filled your legion via the Legion Fort.

How do I add an extra Legion in the Barracks/why isn’t it appearing?

In order to increase the number of legions in your army you need to have reached Rank 20, Research Formation in A Legion in the Army branch of Research and update the Barracks.

After these actions have been completed you will be able to increase the number of legions by selecting your barracks and

My building was destroyed but has not appeared in my Vault

If the building was at level 1 it will be destroyed and not put into the Vault. Buildings higher than this will lose a level and be placed in the vault.

Why do I have negative Urban Points?

Urban points can go negative if you lose a building or the building has been downgraded. For instance the building may have been destroyed and Vaulted, so the building will have dropped down by a level.

What happens to my buildings when I relocate?

All of your buildings will be adding into the Vault and can be placed again when you you have relocated.

I cannot find Clay

Clay is not available in the Turorial Island, it will become available once you move to the Mainland.