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You can recruit troops or cohorts in your Legion Fort. The number and type of cohorts you can recruit will be influenced by your rank, research, the level of the legion fort and denarii available to you.
These units will cost different amounts of denarii to recruit and replace. You will also need to denarii to switch between unit types.
To get information on the cohorts in your legion you will need to click on the exclamation mark in the top left corner of their card. This will show you information such as the unit level, health, speed, damage and other information.

Note: These values will increase as you put more research into the units. 

The four dots at the bottom of the card represent the number of units in a cohort. Allowing you to see at a glance how many units you may have lost after a battle.

The 🛈 button in the top left of the troop will give you more detailed information about the unit such as:

Health Health.png
Speed Speed.png
Attack Attack.png
Dmg to Building Dmg.png


Types of cohort you can recruit include:

Unit Rable.png Unit Archer.png Unit Sapper.png Unit LightInf.png Unit LightCav.png Unit Velite.png
Conscript Archer Auxillaries Light Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Velite Sapper Praetorian