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Certain types of cards in Romans: Age of Caesar will boost your Prestige ,Denarii level or Tactical points.

These Cards are modifiers which can affect almost all areas of the game; for example, a card may affect a building's production rate, time spent building etc. The period for which a card's effect lasts differs on a card-by-card basis. You will notice that the icon to the left appears on the majority of in-game screens - clicking on it will enable you to put your cards into play.

Card Types

There are two different types of card used in Romans: Age of Caesar:

The first type is the Timed card. The effects of these cards apply to in all of your settlement for the amount of time displayed in the card's details.

The second type is the Instant Card. The effects of these cards apply only to the settlement you are currently in, and once used, the cards are discarded. If the card would give you more of something than your current limit allows, you will receive all that you are able to hold and the rest will be lost.

Some Strategy cards categories are split into 2 subsections Good and Resources and you will need to switch between the two to see all your cards in this section. These are:

Card Filter
  • Instants
  • Forum Storage
  • Production Rate

Strategy Cards List

Buttons all normal.png
Buttons instants.png Instants
Buttons forum storage.png Forum Storage
Buttons production rate.png Production Rate
Buttons denarii prestige.png Denarii & Prestige
Buttons research.png Research
Buttons building.png Building
Buttons command point.png Command Point
Buttons army.png Army
Buttons tacticals.png Tacticals
Buttons defence.png Defence
Buttons trade.png Trade
Buttons city.png City


Strategy Card

Each card has certain attributes:

  • Below the image for the card is its name.
  • Above the name you can see the rate of effect on the right and the duration on the right.
  • At the top-right of the card you will see the grade or "rarity " of the card.
  • At the top-left you can see the amount of same cards you own.
  • The text below is the description of what the card does - in this example, it will instantly add some wood to you forum.

Swap Cards

Choose cards

Cash In Cards Trade in.png - found on the card management screen - allows you to trade in unwanted cards in exchange for card points, which can then be spent on individual cards. Note: All cards that are traded in will give you 5 card points per card regardless of value or rarity.

Buy Cards Buy Cards.png It is possible to buy with cards points. The cardpoint cost for cards you can buy will vary depending on their grade or rarity.

After selecting the cards you wish to trade in or purchase, you will need to click on the cash in button and then the Checkout button and confirm the cards before they are purchased or traded in.

Confirm Trade