The Barbarian Strongholds Update

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The hordes are coming! The Barbarian Stronghold Update for Romans Age of Caesar presents our players with their greatest challenge yet as hordes of barbarians have descended upon the Empire and encamped themselves in mighty strongholds across the map.

These will require resourcefulness, cooperation and planning to conquer and will continue to release barbarian Invasions across the map until Pacified. Players will need to work together to work their way through these strongholds and deactivate all the heretical stone circles within.

The Invasions released by Strongholds travel the map, deploying Armies to rebuild defeated Towns and invade City Suburbs, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Legions must collaborate to maintain rule over their lands and ensure their production towns are not reclaimed, lest their cities face another shortage of wool!

Barbarians are not the only concern for players in this update, either. Players can now use their Legions to launch new types of destructive and rewarding attacks upon other cities aid them in their conquest of the Empire. Raze, Capture or Pillage your fellow roman to ensure your city survives the coming horde.

Gather your Imperial Points, bolster your forts and prepare to fight!

Barbarian Strongholds

Barbarian Stronghold.png
  • Barbarian Strongholds have been present on the map for a while, they are now active and can be captured and entered.
  • Within, players will face some of the toughest huts yet in numbers never seen before in Romans: Age of Caesar
  • Strongholds contain 25 Stone Circles which allow the barbarians to send out Armies and Invasions
  • 24 of these are Lesser Stone Circles, which increase the size of Invasions released by the Stronghold. Controlling them reduces the size of the invasion by a small percentage per circle
  • The Greater Stone Circle in the center of the stronghold is what unleashes Invasions onto the Empire Map to conquer your Towns and Suburbs - controlling this will delay their release but the journey to the center will not be easy!
  • Controlling the Greater Stone Circle Dominates a Stronghold, stopping the spawning of Barbarian Armies, doubling the time until the next Barbarian Invasion and allowing legion forces to capture locations through the Stronghold on the Empire Map
  • Controlling all Stone Circles in a Stronghold will pacify the Stronghold, nullifying all Barbarian activity
  • The Greater Stone Circle can reawaken, and a timer will be shown on it. Once a day the stone circle checks if there is a legion either inside the stronghold or docked on it on the empire map, if there is then the timer is halted. This means you can move your legion away and it will still be halted until it does the check again - within a 24 hour period.
Barbarian InvasiononMap.png

Barbarian Armies, Invasions and Repopulation
Armies released by Strongholds navigate the map attacking locations as they go. These are depicted as small Helmet icons on the empire map, currently. When they reach a Town, they begin to rebuild any broken huts, repopulating the Town and halting resource production there. When they reach a City, they will enter and attack a Suburb - these armies are strong so it’s important players bolster their City Forts and Barracks in preparation for imminent attack.

Barbarian Invasion.png

Barbarian Attacking.png

Player Vs. Player (PvP)
Alongside the barbarian threat, this update also brings the full complement of PvP options to Romans.Players previously were only able to raid other players for Glory, now however they may choose to Raze, Pillage, Capture or Steal Imperial Points from their fellow Roman as well.

  • Raze: Razes a Suburb’s buildings to the ground, reducing their level and returning them to the vault and kicking that player from the City. Buildings vaulted will be reduced by 20 levels, spread across all buildings.
  • Capture: Steals that players Suburb slot, kicking them from the City and allowing you to place a forum there.
  • Pillage: Robs a player of a percentage of a chosen commodity - higher levels allow for more commodity options to raid
  • Vandalize: destroy some of a Suburbs buildings to the ground, reducing their level and returning them to the vault
  • Raid Imperial Points: Steals a number of a players’ Imperial Points
Barbarian Attack Screen.png