Urban Points

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 Please be aware that the systems described on this page are in a first pass state and expected to change in future updates.

Urban Points

Urban Points are gained from upgrading resource buildings. The more resource resource building you have in your cities the more points you can acquire. Collecting Urban points allows the player to move to different areas of the Empire map. In order to make use of you points you will first need to click on this button RP Button.png in the top UI.

This will show you the following Screen


1. Displays the amount Urban Points available
2. Toggles the display to the City Suburb Overview Panel
3. Toggles the display to the Planning Permissions Panel
4. Will open another screen where you can boost your Relocation Fund
5. Displays if is possible to relocate as well as the timer to relocation
6. Will take you to the city suburb on the Empire Map

City Suburbs Overview

In this screen you will see :
The location of your suburbs as well when is is possible to relocate them.

Planning Permission

Your City Suburbs Planning Permission Screen


Here you can unlock planning permissions to settle your Suburbs in new Province on the Empire Map or grant the ability to found whole new suburbs to manage using Urban Points.

After migrating to the Inner Empire you can increase the number of suburbs you are in control of and their positions on the Empire map using Urban Points.

The higher the province level the more likely you are to yield rarer resources and commodities, the Barbarian presence will also be stronger the further outward you expand.

Relocation Fund


The relocation fund can be topped of from Denarii which you can collect from buildings in Suburbs , Cards, Trade or Quests.

Once you have contributed enough to your relocation fund you may found and manage additional cities in later provinces to gain access to rarer resources and gain greater multipliers for certain commodities like Prestige and Imperial Points.

The Denarii required will increase depending on the level of provinces you are planning on relocating to.

Urban Point Loss

If your Urban points are negative it is because your buildings have been destroyed or placed in the Vault due to relocation or migration. Once they have been destroyed they will have been downgraded slightly and placed in your vault. In order to restore your Urban points, you will need to replace and upgrade your destroyed buildings.